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Goals with Raven

Capture all production data

Analyze all production data

Uncover insights with artificial intelligence

Take the right action

What does Raven do for you?

Raven enables your manufacturing plant to achieve levels of performance never thought possible by bringing intelligence to your plant to interpret data, uncover insights and take the right action.

Capture Data

Clean & Map

Guide Action

Analyze Data

Raven automatically collects your machine and operator data.

Raven verifies the integrity of the data to ensure an accurate account of your operations. 

Raven understands what drives your performance and finds improvement opportunities. 

Raven’s real-time guidance strengthens your manufacturing operation’s capabilities.

Raven’s learning engine combines data from operators, machines and processes to create a model of your manufacturing plant that can identify anomalies requiring attention.

Raven’s artificial intelligence finds out what is driving performance and what areas should be focused on to improve.

Raven’s interactive reporting dashboard delivers role-specific reporting, and displays actionable alerts on machine consoles, mobile devices and smart watches in real-time. 

Raven’s mathematical model uncovers patterns in your system’s historical performance. It leverages patterns of behaviour and uncovers opportunities in real-time.  

Combined data from plant

workers and machine.

Curated reports interpreting your data.

Operating data displayed in real-time.

Learning engine builds models of your operations.

With Raven AI, our operation increased up-time to 92 per cent from 78 – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Shannin Hudson, Plant Manager

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